City-wide Wi-Fi networks spanning literal miles could soon be possible thanks to ‘HaLow’ devices

Wi-Fi signal strength has always been a temperamental beast. One minute it’s a full five bars, yet merely taking a short walk into a different room can cause it to fall to a miserable one bar of stuttering frustration. However, devices using the new “HaLow” 802.11ah standard have just been demonstrated working at an astonishing 1.8 mile range, and next to a busy, interference-filled urban area no less.

Morse Micro, a wireless technology company that’s been experimenting with the new standard, has released a video of its latest demonstration showing that a usable wireless signal can be achieved at a gigantic 1.8 mile range (via Tom’s Hardware). While the test was performed along a large empty beach in San Francisco, the beachfront itself is packed with signal-interfering buildings, making it a good demonstration of the techs ability to maintain a workable connection amidst the hubbub of competing signal noise in the area.

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By asm3a