Fake Palworld mobile apps could lead to data leaks or fraud, Pocketpair warns: ‘There is no Palworld application for phones’

The Pokémon-with-guns-and-forced-labor survival game Palworld looks like the sort of thing that would be very enjoyable on a mobile device: On your morning commute, during a walk in the park, or maybe just sitting outside in your garden, if you happen to live someplace that isn’t currently drenched in snow and cold. 

Alas, it is not: Developer Pocketpair has posted a warning on Twitter saying that there are no real Palworld mobile apps, but there are plenty of fakes out there that could lead you into trouble.

(Image credit: Pocketpair (Twitter))

“There is no Palworld application for phones,” Pocketpair tweeted. “Apps using names and product images such as ‘パルワールド’ and ‘Palworld’ are appearing on the AppStore and Google Play, but they are not affiliated with our company in any way.

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By asm3a