Kill whole camps of cultists with a single bullet in this psychic and psychedelic puzzle shooter

The problem with the phrase “it’s like [thing] on acid!” becoming such a lame cliché is that sometimes things really are like other things on acid. The newly announced Children of the Sun, from publisher Devolver, is a dark and hallucinatory tale of a disturbed sniper taking revenge on a backwoods cult, and… well, basically it’s like playing Superhot while having a bad trip. 

Each level starts with you on the outskirts of a gathering of the cult—whether one of its camps, a village it’s ransacking, a crime scene it’s covering up, or worse. You can move around the edges of the scene, essentially on a track, and survey it with your rifle scope to tag enemies and important objects. Once you’ve got a strategy figured out, you aim and fire—and you have to clear the entire level of enemies with that one bullet.

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By asm3a