Kojima is making a new ‘action espionage game’ after Death Stranding 2

Death Stranding 2 had a lengthy showing at Sony’s State of Play today, but for those a little weary of Hideo Kojima’s surrealist parcel delivery series there was a glimmer of hope. Kojima confirmed that after Death Stranding 2, his studio will commence development on a “next-generation action espionage game”, which basically means he’ll be making something more akin to the Metal Gear Solid series he created. Its working title is Physint. 

Kojima being Kojima, Physint won’t be a run-of-the-mill tactical stealth game with eye-watering production values. “We have extensive experience with Sony, having grown the espionage genre together for 30 years,” he said. “Also Sony does not only games but also music and movies.” 

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By asm3a