Palworld glitch lets you carry 9,999 of anything like a legally distinct Sisyphus hauling pal spheres up a mountain

Encumbrance always sucks and I won’t hear any different. I don’t care about realism, I want my little loincloth man to be able to carry 99 washing machines in an invisible back pocket while sprinting up a mountain. I hate having to stop and sift through my inventory to junk all the things I don’t need. Encumbrance in videogames: just say no.

Flavour-of-the-moment Palworld is, despite its Pokémon with guns tagline, more of a survival game at heart, and boy are survival games just the sort to slap you with all sorts of nonsense about encumbrance. Palworld has an interface and systems pretty typical of the genre, with things like item-stacking to manage, inventory chests, personal inventory and, of course, encumbrance penalties. You may well want to build a glorious stone fortress, but you’re gonna have to schlep a lot of stone back to base to get started.

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By asm3a