Palworld has now sold a staggering 19 million copies, an unstoppable rise that means it’s got a bigger population than the Netherlands

It’s official: Palworld has a bigger population than 127 literal countries, including Senegal, Somalia, the Netherlands, and Chad. That’s according to Pocketpair’s sales statistics and this Wikipedia list of countries by population, anyway, with the news that Palworld has now sold a soul-boggling 19 million copies around the world. That’s 12 million on Steam and 7 million on Xbox. It released 13 days ago, in case you were wondering.¬†

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That’s a lot (they sent me to journalism school to offer those kinds of insights), and would be a wild number of sales for any game of Palworld’s relatively obscure origins, but it’s worth bearing in mind that Palworld is still an early access game with a whole dev roadmap ahead of it. Will its popularity slow as the hype cools to room temperature or are things just going to get even weirder as the devs add more features, more pals, more stuff?

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By asm3a