Suicide Squad Gives Early Access Players An In-Game Credit

It’s fair to say that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s launch isn’t going great so far. Following a brutal run of previews, and a splendidly petulant attempt to turn the narrative, the game’s few days of paid early access have been dirty with downtime. In an apparent attempt at crisis management, a handful of early access players say they’ve been offered $20 of in-game currency. In LutherCoins. No, really.

People who pre-ordered Suicide Squad’s $100 Deluxe Edition should check their in-game mailboxes, where they’ll see a message titled, “Thanks for your support.” Within it says,

Thank you for being one of our first console players during early access of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. We recognize that you’ve been patient with us during our initial launch server updates and we’d like to show our appreciation for your patience with a special gift of 2000 LutherCoins. Thank you again! -Rocksteady

What a couple of months Rocksteady has had. It’s unusual for AAA games to receive such overwhelmingly negative previews. Publishers do an awful lot of work behind-the-scenes to manage such situations, perhaps arranging “exclusive” coverage for a particular chosen outlet who is then uncritical, or doing enough testing and private mock reviews to know not to let the press see something before its release. Typically, this kind of wave of negative coverage would be expected and prepared for by PR. Hence the bizarre move to tell alpha testers—likely unpaid enthusiasts—that their NDAs don’t count any more, and they were welcome to say how much they’d loved it.

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By asm3a