The Day Before was an even bigger disaster than you thought: devs reportedly made to pay fines for bad work, learned it was an MMO from the trailers, and no one’s sure where the bosses are

A new documentary from German games sites Game Two and GameStar has shed some more light on the disastrous development of The Day Before, and boy howdy, it’s worse than you thought. Game Two says it spoke to 16 former Fntastic employees, one of its former “volunteers,” and seven staff from The Day Before’s publisher Mytona. The picture they paint is, well, staggering.

Speaking anonymously, Game Two’s sources allege that working at Fntastic—The Day Before’s now-defunct development studio—was pure, megalomaniacal chaos. As they tell it, the game’s development was constantly buffeted by the changing whims of the Gotovtsev brothers, the studio’s founders, and the scope and style of the game would change whenever one of them got their hands on whatever the big game of the month was. 

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By asm3a