Free GOG keys for the objectively best Fallout game are on Twitch Prime right now

Friends, it’s once again time to remember that you apparently have a Twitch Prime subscription, and to go rooting through its myriad freebies like a hog hunting for truffles. Today’s truffle? Free GOG keys for the best Fallout game. No, not New Vegas. Not 2 either. Certainly not 3, why would you even say that? Look, it’s 1, okay? The free GOG keys are for Fallout 1.

That’s right, folks. So far as I’m concerned, the Fallout series knocked it out of the park with its first entry. I adore New Vegas and think Fallout 2 is pretty good, but no other entry captured my heart quite like the first game and its pulpy post-apocalyptic aesthetic and grounded story. Comparatively grounded, anyway. It’s still a tale of a stringy irradiated man trying to take over the world with a species of Super Mutants, after all, but we’re operating on a relative scale here.

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By asm3a