Infamous swatter-for-hire Torswats likely arrested after a private investigator worked with a WoW Twitch streamer and the FBI to take them down

Schools, streamers, and even authors have all been the victim of swatter-for-hire Torswats, as was revealed by Motherboard in April last year. Using the messaging app Telegram, the Torswats ‘service’ has been offering swattings for cash—$75 to shut down a school, for example—and has been linked to a rash of criminal activity across the United States. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, ‘swatting’ is a term used to describe false reports made to the police. The practice that not only wastes funding and time, but also massively disrupts the lives of its victims, leading to traumatising searches of their homes. In some cases when these false calls are poorly handled by law enforcement, swatting can be fatal.

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By asm3a