Palworld could have a major problem with an item that’s meant to boost your chances of capturing pals, but lowers it instead

There are some practical ways to boost your chances of nabbing a Pal in Palworld—for example, you can get around an initial check by throwing your sphere from behind (called a ‘back bonus’). The most reliable way, however, is using a Lifmunk Effigy: Items scattered around the world that boost your capture rate. Or at least that’s the idea.

The impact of the humble Lifmunk was tested by Chalenor on YouTube, who “after having to use 15 spheres on an alleged 50% capture chance” did some Palworld science. In their investigations, Chalenor found that a save file with their Lifmunk Effigies turned in was performing significantly worse than a save file with no buffs at all.

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By asm3a