V Rising PS5 Release Date, Trailer, Platforms, and More News

Sony’s massive State of Play presentation on January 31 gave us a look at a bunch of upcoming PlayStation 5 games, including the first-person shooter Judas, the action game Stellar Blade, and many more. Stunlock Studios’ 2022 breakout game V Rising also made an appearance, with an announcement that the open-world survival RPG will make its way to PS5 sometime this year.

The game was a smashing success when it launched in Early Access in May 2022. It sold one million copies in less than a week, taking the developers by complete surprise, and currently has a “very positive” rating on Steam. So, with the knowledge that more people will get a chance to play it soon, let’s run down everything we know about V Rising.

Does V Rising have a release date?

The game is currently available in Early Access on Steam. It doesn’t have a release date on PlayStation 5, though it’ll hit the console sometime this year.

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What (other) platforms will V Rising be on?

Since the game’s been in Early Access on Steam since May 2022, you can find Stunlock Studios’ game on PC. The team only recently announced that it’ll debut on PS5, so it’s unclear if V Rising will make its way to Xbox consoles in the future.

Does this mean V Rising will have controller support?

Oh, for sure. Because it’s coming to PS5 this year, Stunlock Studios’ will let you pick up a DualSense controller to play the survival RPG on console. Controller support is coming to the Steam version as well, though it hasn’t been confirmed just when this will happen.

Is there a new V Rising trailer?

Totally, and it was part of Sony’s State of Play livestream. Check it out below.


What’s V Rising’s gameplay like?

Have you played Astroneer, Don’t Starve, Grounded, Tribes of Midgard, or Valheim? No? Well, think of your typical open-world survival RPG. You venture out into a massive environment, killing monsters and pilfering materials to craft buildings to grow your presence and upgrade your arsenal,repeating the process until you reach the game’s ending. That’s basically the core gameplay loop of V Rising, but instead of playing as an astronaut or human, Stunlock Studios puts you in the shoes of a weakened vampire who awakens after a centuries-long beauty nap to find that the world no longer fears you or your kind anymore. So, by sucking blood and building castles, your task is to remind everyone that you’re THE predator.

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Will V Rising’s console release have different content than the Steam version?

Nope! In fact, Stunlock Studios said in a February 1 blog post that V Rising on PS5 “will feature content parity equivalent to that available on PC.” So, if you’ve already played the survival game on Steam, then you’ll get the same experience on console.

V Rising may not have a definitive release date right now, which is fine. There are plenty of games coming up soon to tide you over. But it’s nice knowing that one of 2022’s most popular games won’t stay locked to Steam. PlayStation vampires, rise.


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