Fallout: New Vegas mod turns power armor into the beastly tank suit it was meant to be, might finally get me to play something other than a sneaky sniper

The Titans of the New West mod for Fallout: New Vegas recently got a 2.0 update and a fresh trailer showing off its complete reinvention of the game’s power armor. Titans of the New West aims to nail the power armor fantasy of the 2D games, turning you into a lumbering hulk straight out of Warhammer 40K.

When it comes to first-person RPGs like the ones on Bethesda’s Gamebryo/Creation engines, I always want to be a sneaky bastard, play it like Thief or Deus Ex, some variation on Skyrim’s vaunted stealth-archer. It doesn’t help that Fallout’s iconic power armor is kind of diminished in its first two 3D entries, 3 and New Vegas. You’re basically choosing to be a slower, clunkier version of your guy with few mechanical benefits, and you don’t even look that cool⁠—the games’ weird, bulky but not imposing power armor almost augments the flaccidness of that classic Gamebryo Stance™.

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By asm3a