Infinite Wealth Aloha Link Tips And Benefits, Explained

Chitose, Kasuga, and Tomizawa jump in the air while wearing bathing suits.

Screenshot: Ryu Ga Gotoku / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

The newest game in the Like a Dragon series, Infinite Wealth continues the series’ focus on interpersonal relationships. In fact, it even has a button dedicated to saying hi to people. And once you hit the streets of Hawaii, you won’t just say hello, you’ll say aloha, and will gain a friend in the game’s in-world social media app, Aloha Links, which will unlock in chapter three. Let’s unpack the benefits of making friends this way in Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s latest role-playing game.

Simply walk up to anyone with a gray smiley-face icon over their head and give them a shout with the Square button on PlayStation, X on Xbox, and spacebar on PC. They’ll then be added to your Aloha Links friends list and the icon will change from gray to green, with a meter that increases as you do positive things for them, such as giving them gifts (if they’re asking for them) or saving them from enemies on the street when they get ganged up on. As you friend more people, you’ll raise your personality stats, and even gain some items.

A screenshot shows Kasuga's friend list with a cow named Mino who wishes to be taken away by a UFO because she's bored.

Me too, Mino, me too.
Screenshot: Ryu Ga Gotoku / Kotaku

You can view your friends by heading to the pause menu, selecting “Smartphone,” and then choosing the Aloha Links app.

Of course, not everyone will friend you with just an “Aloha!” Some NPCs will require a bit of extra work. Animals, for example, will friend you if you give them some food. Shiromaru, an adorable shiba inu pupper found in Harbor Park, will friend you if you give him some dog food (purchasable at various item shops). Other folks might appreciate other gifts, prizes won from claw machines, or something else. Some folks may want more than just one gift, or might even want you to raise your personality stats like Intellect or Confidence before they friend you. So be ready to work for that growing friends list of yours.

Aloha Links rewards

Grow your friends list on Aloha Links and you’ll get access to the following items:

  • 10 Friends: Fighter’s Binding (Increase Max HP by 40)
  • 15 Friends: Fighter’s Belt (Increase Max MP by 20)
  • 25 Friends: Punk Choker (Useable by Heiress Job; grants +45 Attack and +40 Magic)
  • 50 Friends: Ephemeral Sword (Useable by Kunoichi Job; grants +80 Attack and +80 Magic)

Simply chat with Kei at Revolve Bar (the main bar in Hawaii) and she’ll reward you as you grow your friends list.

Gaining friends in Infinite Wealth is both a fun mini-game that adds a nice bit of character to the environment and a great way to boost your personality stats and gain some new items.

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