The original tabletop deckbuilder Dominion is free-to-play on Steam, with AI powered by neural networks

Before you jump down my throat, no, Dominion wasn’t the first tabletop game with deckbuilding in it, with predecessors like StarCraft: The Board Game. Dominion was, however, the first to build an entire game around the mechanic, giving birth to the genre that would hop to PC with Dream Quest, Slay the Spire, Monster Train, and so on. 

Dominion was unavoidable at board game night in 2008, with everyone wanting to pretend to be medieval landlords who could buy up markets and villages and occasionally witches in the tireless hunt for the thing every board gamer wants—victory points. Digital versions followed, in the form of apps and a browser-based Dominion you can still play. What makes this version different is that the AI opponent is powered by neural networks, and it certainly seems competent. It beat me on the easiest difficulty a couple of times, though to be fair I was still trying to remember how to play since it turns out 2008 was actually a while ago and I’ve forgotten all the combos.

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By asm3a