Apex Legends is making its biggest change since launch: an upgrade tree for every legend that adds 120 new variables to every match

The eras of Apex Legends can be mapped out by a handful of milestone patches: the arrival of Evo Shields, the introduction of the map rotation, the first objective mode that’d eventually become Mixtape, and more recently the new iteration of Ranked. Experimentation is baked into Apex’s identity. Respawn has never shied away from making foundational changes if it believes it makes the game better.

Season 20 is likely to mark another era with the arrival of legend upgrades—a new mid-match progression system that adds four unique abilities to all 30 legends. Upgrades are by leveling up your legend, which goes hand-in-hand with an overhaul to Evo Shields arriving at the same time. Here’s how it works:

  • Level 1 (gray shield): No upgrade
  • Level 2 (blue shield): Choose upgrade 1
  • Level 3 (purple shield): Choose upgrade 2
  • Level 4 (red shield): No upgrade

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By asm3a