Former Skull and Bones director says making a separate solo campaign ‘would have prevented the team from creating a really deep open world’

Ubisoft‘s long-awaited and much delayed pirate adventure Skull and Bones has been elusive not just in terms of its release date, but in what kind of game it actually is. First it was a match-based, multiplayer exclusive affair, then it was going to feature multiple game modes including single-player, and now it’s supposed to be a shared-world experience similar to Sea of Thieves. It’s changed direction more times than a sloop stuck in a whirlpool.

But a new report by IGN lays out the whole, twisting saga of the game’s development in step-by-step detail, along with the reasons behind its multiple changes of tack. As part of this, former creative director Elisabeth Pellen reveals the fate of the game’s touted single-player campaign, and why Ubisoft Singapore opted to ditch it.

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By asm3a