Konami’s barebones Metal Gear Solid collection gets further unofficial support, as modders enable a ‘widescreen hack’ for MGS 1

Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection brought the classic series to PC much in the same way delivery service Yodel brings parcels to your door. Players were less than happy with the barebones package Konami kicked up the virtual driveway, and it was left to modders to unpack the publisher’s soggy box and make the anthology play nicely on PC.

This they duly did, with mods like MGSResolution patch adding 4K support to the Master Collection mere hours after it launched. One of the stalwart unofficial patches for the collection, though, is Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Fix. Created by GitHub user nuggslet, the fix adds custom resolutions, analogue inputs, and mod support for the games. As of its latest update, v2.0, it also lets you play the original Metal Gear Solid in widescreen.

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By asm3a