This cozy cooking platformer is so sweet that I went back for seconds of the demo

I was having such a good time with the demo for Magical Delicacy that I said “aw…” out loud when I realized I’d completed it. It’s a “Metroidvania-inspired wholesome cooking game” where you’re also a witch, because why not? You can play the hour-ish long demo yourself until February 12 as part of this week’s Steam Next Fest.

Magical Delicacy begins when young witch Flora arrives in the harbor town Grat with plans to strike out on her own and seek out some magical masters. The town secretary, a bespectacled old frog, bestows upon her a generous business loan at the low low price of no down payment or interest on an almost abandoned storefront. The previous tenant is still squatting there, so we agree to be roommates of course, and Flora is the kind of witch who knows how to brew up a good pot of stew, among other things, so she’s got a plan to make some cash for the repayment schedule on this place.

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By asm3a