This Townscaper-like building game on ‘the dark side of cozy’ is the perfect lock screen photo designer

It’s not often that I get to call a cyberpunk cityscape “cozy” but chill building game Dystopika describes itself as “the dark side of cozy,” if you find neon-streaked skylines to be soothing. I’ve taken this city building toy for a spin in its new demo, which you can try for yourself on Steam this week as part of the current Steam Next Fest and it is great at churning out new candidates for my desktop wallpaper.

The nearest touchstone for Dystopika is Townscaper, the lovely little building game that’s spawned a sort of micro-genre of other low-stress building games launching in the next year. Instead of water, the canvas is an ocean of tiny lights in a nighttime skyline on which you can build massive skyscrapers stretching into the atmosphere. Like the others inspired by Townscaper, Dystopika says it has “no goals, no stress, no objectives. Just your imagination.”

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By asm3a