You can nab a trove of Cyberpunk RPG books for a few eddies on Humble Bundle right now

Got some wares for you, choom. Well, I don’t. I’m just some media working a PC gaming screamsheet, but the deckheads over at Humble Bundle do. They’ve compiled the Cyberpunk RED and Classics Bundle, a 23-item library of books and materials for the Cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game. 

That’d be the very same one that Cyberpunk 2077 is based on, but with less Keanu (unless you can get him round for a game). Although Humble calls it a pay-what-you-want bundle, it works the same way as any of the company’s other collections. That means you’ll need to spend over $18 (£14.13) for the whole lot, $10 (£7.85) for half of it, or a mere $1 (£0.78) if you only want to pick up the Rough Guide to the UK and Tales of Forlorn Hope, which sounds like two names for the same thing to me.

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By asm3a