Counter-Strike 2 adds fan-favourite mode, its first weapon skins, custom sticker placement, and something a little shocking

Counter-Strike 2 released last year and, judging by the fact 1.1 million players are fragging each other as I write this, has more-or-less seamlessly replaced Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. That was always the goal, yet Valve made the decision to focus on getting the core competitive experience right and so CS2 launched without some of the features and modes of its predecessor that the developer plans to add over time.

It’s made a start with by far the most-requested addition to CS2: Arms Race, also known as the gun game. A favourite for warm-ups before getting into ranked, the mode sees all players cycle through the game’s weapons, upgrading their gun after each kill, and race to be the first to get through them all. Arms Race arrives with two new maps suited to the mode, Baggage and Shoots.

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By asm3a