Deus Ex actor Elias Toufexis bids a heartfelt farewell to Adam Jensen and thanks fans for their support: ‘I asked for this’

Elias Toufexis, the actor behind the gravelly, world-weary voice of Deus Ex lead Adam Jensen, has bid what seems to be a final farewell to the series in a heartfelt message posted to Reddit.

Toufexis said in January, following layoffs at Eidos Montreal and the reported cancellation of a new Deus Ex game that was in the early stages of development, that he hadn’t been involved in the project and “gave up on it a long time ago.” But it seems he didn’t want that clear sense of disappointment to be his last word on the matter.

(Image credit: Deus Ex Hub (Twitter))

“I wanted to come on here and say thank you for this page, your wonderful messages over the years, and your continued, unbelievably strong support,” Toufexis wrote.

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By asm3a