Anime more powerful than ever as Persona 3 Reload becomes the fastest selling game in Atlus’ history

People are very eager to conquer a couple hundred floors of Tartarus. At least, that’s what the sales figures for Persona 3 Reload suggest. Atlus announced earlier today that its gussied-up remake of the first modern-style Persona game has sold 1,000,000 copies across the world since its release on February 2, making it the fastest selling game in the company’s history. It’s all down to Koromaru, if you ask me. 

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For reference, Atlus announced back in 2021—marking Persona’s 25th anniversary—that the series had then sold a total of 15 million copies across all its versions during its lifetime. For a single entry in the series to do in one week a fifteenth of what every other game did in 25 years is, well, pretty impressive, if you ask me.

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By asm3a