Discworld rerelease is ‘on the cards’ according to the original game’s director, but is ‘a complicated process’ because King Charles may own 50% of the IP rights

At a time when classic PC games are more accessible than ever, the Discworld trilogy of adventure games has remained frustratingly elusive. Based on Terry Pratchett’s long-running comic fantasy series, the three adventure games—Discworld, Discworld 2, and Discworld Noir, were developed by Perfect Entertainment and released between 1995 and 1999. Perfect shut down shortly after Noir launched, and ever since the trilogy has been abandonware.

But hope lies on the horizon. In a recent interview with Time Extension, Perfect’s cofounder Gregg Barnett revealed that a rerelease is being pursued. “I don’t want to give you a scoop, but a Discworld rerelease may happen,” Barnett said when asked if any companies had approached him about the subject. “It’s on the cards. It may happen. And then it could advance to new versions of them.”

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By asm3a