Helldivers 2 studio in ‘crisis mode’ as servers buckle under the weight of a popular launch, first hotfix out now

The original Helldivers was a fun little twin-stick shooter that flew under the radar, but its 3D sequel is proving to be a much bigger deal. On launch day, Helldivers 2 is the top selling game on Steam with a respectable peak of 64,000 concurrent players. Judging by my first hour, it’s very fun, but also kinda broken.

Widespread reports of matchmaking issues and frequent crashes have dominated the conversation around Helldivers 2 so far. The Steam page sits at “Mixed” at the moment with over 5,300 reviews. The majority of negative reviews cite connectivity and crashes, though a few seem peeved that Helldivers 2 uses nProtect GameGaurd anticheat.

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By asm3a