Jagged Alliance 3 promises to let you ‘rebuild most aspects of the game’ using all-new rulesets and mod tools

Jagged Alliance 3, the well-received sequel to the classic mercenary tactics games, infiltrated enemy lines to extract a big new update this week. Going by the unusual alias “Larry”, patch 1.5 added several new ways to explore and expand your adventures in the politically unstable nation of Grand Chien.

The biggest of these new features are the modding tools. These let players edit maps, create new quests, put together whole new campaigns, and more. Developer Haemimont games cites an example of what “more” looks like over on its Facebook page in its first Mod Spotlight post. This highlights a mod called UnpredictableBattle, which randomises enemy stats, perks, weapons, and armour. Further example mods are included in the update itself, so you can get an overview of what the tools can do.

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By asm3a