YouTuber recreates GTA 6 trailer shot-for-shot in Miami, Florida

After years of rumours, speculations, and even a honking great leak, Rockstar finally announced Grand Theft Auto 6 in late 2023. The trailer was instantly broken-down and pored over, with one theme in particular being how closely Rockstar had hewed to the real-life viral craziness that can be found in Miami, Florida (such as the Florida Joker, who thinks they owe him a cheque) as well as the combination of stunning high-end living and swamplands where you need to chase off gators with a frying pan. 

A French YouTuber with a long history in the GTA scene, CyrilMP4, has released a new video in which they and some buddies go to Miami and check out / recreate parts of the GTA 6 trailer. The video description reads “I spent 24 hours in GTA 6 Miami (Vice City!)” and is essentially Cyril and crew wandering around the city identifying the landmarks and locations used in both the original Vice City and seen in the trailer for GTA 6. They’re incredibly good at it and, even if you already kinda knew how seriously Rockstar takes its work, it’s stunning to see the side-by-side comparison.

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By asm3a