Blizzard finally has a solution for the unlucky Diablo 4 players with Uber Uniques they don’t want

Hours of grinding for Diablo 4’s rarest and most powerful items, Uber Uniques, won’t guarantee you’ll get the one you actually want. I’m in this situation right now. I’ve killed the boss who drops them almost 100 times and he refuses to give me the one I need. But next week, my bad luck with Uber Uniques will at least amount to something: Blizzard is going to let you break them down to create one of your choice.

Patch 1.3.2, which will go live on February 13, will let you break down your Uber Uniques and use a new material to craft the one you want. You’ll first have to say goodbye to your precious items and salvage them at the blacksmith for one Resplendent Spark each. Then you can take five Resplendent Sparks to an alchemist and choose which of the seven available Uber Uniques you want them to make.

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By asm3a