Dead Cells is calling it quits 7 years after its meteoric early access release

Seven years after its early access release and five years after Evil Empire took the reins from the original devs at Motion Twin, Dead Cells is hanging up its spurs. In a statement earlier today, Evil Empire announced it “will no longer be working on Dead Cells” following a half-decade of work on the game. A corollary statement from Motion Twin declares Dead Cells’ upcoming update 35 “the end of our creative journey on the game”.

Evil Empire is handing in its notice after “4 DLCs, 18 updates, some epic crossovers and a mobile release with Playdigious,” but says it’s freeing up its Dead Cells devs to “pump their talent into our secret projects.” Unsavoury phrasing aside, the studio says we can expect to see what they’ve got cooking next very soon. The devs also apologise for “any broken controllers caused by the Derelict Distillery.” I, for one, do not and will never forgive them.

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By asm3a