Helldivers 2 Boosters: How to get and use them

Equipping a Booster in Helldivers 2 is just one of the many ways you can up your game while dropping into planets to face down an endless tide of enemies. You can slot these easy upgrades into your loadout to provide a team-wide buff, ranging from boosted radar range, to slightly more useful stuff like less chance to get your legs broken by enemies.

If you’ve spent any time with Helldivers 2 so far, or the original Helldivers in fact, you’ll know it’s a pretty terminal profession—trying to retake planets hopelessly infested with giant bugs and robots never goes well. That said, Boosters are one of the many upgrades that’ll buff your chances of survival, so here’s how to get and equip them.

How to get Boosters

The first Booster you can buy is on page three of the Warbond store (Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

You can buy boosters in Acquisitions on your ship, specifically the two Warbond stores by spending medals. These are all the ones that are available in the Helldivers Mobilise store in the order that you’ll unlock them for purchase:

  • Hellpod Space Optimisation (15 medals): Helldivers come out of the Hellpod fully stocked on ammo, grenades, and stims
  • Vitality Enhancement (20 medals): Allows Helldivers to resist injury.
  • UAV Recon Booster (40 medals): Increases all Helldivers’ effective radar range.
  • Stamina Enhancement (75 medals): Increases all Helldivers’ stamina capacity and recovery.
  • Muscle Enhancement (70 medals): Allows Helldivers to traverse difficult terrain with ease.
  • Increased Reinforcement Budget (150 medals): Increases the number of available reinforcements.

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