Lethal Company is one of the top games on the iOS App Store, but there’s just one problem: It’s ‘not real,’ developer says

The maker of the viral hit survival game Lethal Company says a mobile version of the game that’s set to launch on the App Store later this month is “not real,” and you probably shouldn’t download it.

The demand for a mobile version of Lethal Company is understandable. The game made a big splash when it debuted in October 2023 and it still has a large audience on Steam, where more than 58,000 people are currently playing it. And the listing for it on the App Store looks legit: It’s pretty much a direct lift of the Steam page, including screenshots and a word-for-word duplication of the game’s description. 

(Image credit: Aytac Kahveci (App Store))

But, sorry, it’s fake.

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By asm3a