Watch a retrospective of classic 1983 CRPG Ultima 3: Exodus

You know what’s relevant and exciting in the year of our lord 2024? The third Ultima game from 1983. OK, not really, and I leave drawing a line from Ultima 3: Exodus to the CRPGs of today as an exercise for the reader, but it really is fascinating to look back at nonetheless. 

This is the game Richard Garriott led the design of after leaving Sierra On-Line (who had published Ultima 2, a deeply weird RPG about time travel and stealing airplanes). Though it’s still chipping away at the rock surrounding the same basic idea of overland travel and dungeon-crawling, Ultima 3 was the first in the series to include a full party of adventurers and combat that’s actually kind of interesting.

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By asm3a