A classic RPG Maker engine, the same one used to create Pokémon Uranium, is completely free on Steam this week

There was a time in my early teenagehood where I was so entrenched in anime and JRPG brain rot that I convinced myself I was talented enough to make a game all of my own. That never happened, of course, but the one thing I do remember from that time was how much fun I had poking around in RPG Maker. It’s a great little bit of software that’s birthed some bangers like Corpse Party, To the Moon and Mad Father. And right now, one of its older versions is totally free on Steam.

RPG Maker XP, the fourth iteration of the toolset, is free to nab until February 19 at 10 AM PST. The deal is on as part of the RPG Maker Festival 2024 and “RPG Maker Day” on February 15, which celebrates the engine and a bunch of neat games that have come out of it.

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By asm3a