Some class-locked portal reskins? That’ll be $20, please—Diablo 4’s hellish microtransactions continue to sting

Microtransactions in fully-priced games are (unfortunately) here to stay for as long as they keep working—that’s a bitter pill I’ve swallowed at this point, though every now and then something comes along to make it sting all over again. As is the case with Diablo 4’s recent “Dark Pathways” pack, which wants you to shell out $20 for some portal reskins (and $10 for some coins). 

As spotted by our friends over at GamesRadar, the pack has made several waves in the game’s subreddit over the past couple of weeks for being a solid way to waste your money—here’s the most recent thread, though there are complaints stretching back to the pack’s inception. “This doesn’t make sense lol”, writes one flabbergasted player, staring down the barrel of a $40 CAD price point for some pretty portals and pocket change.

$20 for different color portals? LMFAO Blizz! from r/diablo4

This doesn’t make sense lol from r/diablo4

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By asm3a