Deep Rock Galactic auto-battler nixes upsetting ‘die like your mother did’ voice line so as to not ‘remind some players of tragic events in their life’

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor—DRG’s dwarf-themed Vampire Survivors-like—is yanking out one of its more ah, questionable voice lines. In patch notes for the game’s 0.2.146d hotfix, released Tuesday, the gang at Funday Games announced they’d be nixing the “Die like your mother did!” line that dwarves sometimes shout as they mow down enemies.

“We think it’s out of place and don’t want to remind some players of tragic events in their life when they want to relax with a video game,” go the patch notes, adding that the devs “might add a voice line filter in options down the line if enough people want it.”

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By asm3a