Here’s an indie tactics game inspired by X-Com, Rebelstar, and Laser Squad

An upcoming turn-based tactics game hearkens back to the earliest days of the genre: Archrebel Tactics, an in-development indie game from solo developer Ularis Badler, draws directly from the well of Rebelstar, the 1984 ZX Spectrum ur-tactics game from Julian Gollop, the man who would later steer the creation of X-Com.

Archrebel Tactics will put players in control of a few dozen units on a grid-based map, moving them with an action point system and picking out targets as they go. It’s a bit flashier than that, however: Shooting is on that pixel-based world, and shots can hit intervening terrain—some of which is destructible—or be shot down by countermeasures.

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By asm3a