Cartoon spaceship disaster sim Space Crew is free to keep on Steam for a limited time

Back in 2017, indie studio Runner Duck released Bomber Crew, a game we said wasn’t quite a World War II version of spaceship sim FTL, but was pretty close—a cartoony management game where you’ve got a mission to accomplish and a team of experts to do it with, until you accidentally lose an engineer over the English Channel and it all goes a bit pomaceous.

In 2020 Runner Duck followed Bomber Crew with a game even closer to its inspiration called Space Crew, a game of juggling plates only instead of plates you’re actually juggling Star Trek redshirts, and also the gravity has just failed. Its “legendary edition”, which includes a new campaign, away missions, and unlockable legendary crew, is available for a grand total of zero space or Earth dollars on Steam until March 13.

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By asm3a