I wish I could actually play these PS1-style demakes of the latest Resident Evil games

Rustic Games BR is one of those YouTube channels with a delightfully simple niche: what would X modern game (usually a Resident Evil) look like on the PS1? Their collection of delightful little anachronisms scratches this itch in the dumb nostalgic lizard part of my brain, with their latest creation, a PS1 demake of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, being a particular winner.

Now, basic algebra would have you think a PS1 demake of the Resident Evil 2 remake just leaves you with… Resident Evil 2, but Rustic Games BR’s take is much more than that. The video presents and over-the-shoulder, full-3D take on a portion of the iconic RE2 police station, with Leon fighting a zombie and the Tyrant with the 2019 remake’s over-the-shoulder camera.

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By asm3a