Toothpaste turrets and deadly pillows keep people out of your house in this fusion of beat ’em up and tower defense

A great way to get the attention of bored games writers is to make your game trailer so hysterically absurd that they can’t help but share it. So it was with Pull Stay, the game I called a “fountain of Japanese slapstick” back in 2020 when its trailer was probably the most ridiculous game trailer you’d watched that week. Following a successful Kickstarter and subsequent development, Pull Stay has now brought its antics to Steam in early access.

A fusion of beat ’em up and tower defense, Pull Stay casts you as an autonomous robot, Robo, whose job is to keep people from bothering its shut-in master, Susumu. You’ll do that by building goofy defenses and engaging in some classic beat ’em up combat along the way.

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By asm3a