Dark Souls 2 modders have finally managed to crank its framerate past 60 without borking the entire game

First reported by GamesRadar, an industrious modder named emoose has finally cracked the 60fps barrier in Dark Souls 2 with their DS2 Frame Unlimiter project, allowing players to enjoy a crispy high-refresh take on Drangleic without breaking the game.

For a studio with such precise and intense action gameplay, FromSoftware‘s always had a fraught relationship with framerate. Armored Core 6 was the first game from the studio with high fps support baked in, while many of its pre-Dark Souls 3 offerings were locked at 30fps⁠. Certain aspects of their speed and function would be tied to framerate, leading to various glitches as they sped up. For Dark Souls 2, these included:

  • Rapidly accelerated weapon degradation
  • Drastically shortened jumps
  • Glitchy cloth physics
  • Broken animated textures (like water surfaces)

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By asm3a