Amazon’s Fallout TV director says he’s not trying to please fans, legions get mad at him before realising he actually lost ‘a year’ of his life to Fallout 3 himself

Director and executive producer of the upcoming Amazon Fallout TV series, Jonathan Nolan, has been catching some flak from fans for comments he made at a recent press event. As reported by T3, Nolan was chatting about his approach to the upcoming show when he remarked: “I don’t think you really can set out to please the fans of anything, or please anyone other than yourself.” Deliberately trying to make a Fallout TV series that would please fans of the games, said Noland, would be a “fool’s errand.”

Well, more than a few fans of the Fallout games heard those quotes out of context and didn’t like them at all. Take a saunter through social media and it’s not hard to find Fallout fans irate at the apparent disregard Nolan has for them.

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By asm3a