We are once more informing you that the KOTOR remake is probably delayed for at least another year

Knights of the Old Republic is one of Bioware’s most beloved RPGs—a game that capitalised on the promise of the Star Wars extended universe in so many inventive ways that it spawned an entire fandom dedicated to that slice of a galaxy far, far away. So when a remake was announced in—god—2021, we were all pretty excited. Then it was consigned to the inferno of development hell. 

In July of 2022 it surfaced that the remake was possibly delayed. No, wait, it was actually shifted to another studio. Then radio silence followed, so much in fact that the CEO of Embracer Group—the giant monolith that had also flubbed a $2 billion deal and would later lay off over a thousand people, kill a Deus Ex sequel, and sell off studios to keep the lights on—outright refused to talk about it. But don’t worry, it’s totally not dead—Saber Interactive is still working on it, wait, no, Embracer’s selling Saber Interactive off now. I want to get off Lars Wingefors’ wild ride.

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By asm3a