Not only is Rainbow Six Siege free to play for the next week, it’s also just $4 to keep if you like it

We are already two days into a free week for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft‘s long-running multiplayer take on its even longer-running tactical shooter series. The free week runs until Thursday, March 21, while you can get the game for keeps for just $4 (85% off) until Wednesday.

We are on year nine of this shooter⁠—a methuselah in live service terms⁠—but to hear PCG’s multiplayer FPS expert, Morgan Park, tell it, Siege has never been better. Changes to favor disadvantaged attackers, tastefully nerf environmental destruction to limit defenders peeking through bullet holes, and streamline a still quite complicated weapon attachment system all contribute to a version of the game that’s still lean, exciting, and surprisingly unique all these years after launch.

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By asm3a