There’s finally a demo for the Dark Souls 3 mod that transforms the whole game into a bizarro fan sequel to the series

Dark Souls: Archthrones feels like a Souls series romhack, mashing up disparate parts of FromSoftware‘s body of work in a custom campaign for Dark Souls 3. This is one for the fans, full of clever winks and references to other games in the series, but as one of those fans myself, I sure do not mind being pandered to.

From the jump, Archthrones’ opening level is a condensed homage to Demon’s Souls, featuring the same stinky potato boy Vanguard boss⁠—new school fans will recognize his moveset and animations from the Asylum Demon in Dark Souls and Erdtree Sentinels of Elden Ring. I thought I was a shoo-in for a first try victory against this clear “supposed to lose” boss, but at half health he whipped out a new funky moveset ripped straight out of Bloodborne’s Old Hunters DLC, and I was put in my place.

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By asm3a