FF7 Rebirth’s 21 Mini-Games, Ranked From Worst To Best

Yuffie rides a Chocobo.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Oh, here we are with an actual loser of a mini-game because we nearly forgot to put this one in here—that’s how memorable it is. (Maybe we also forgot about that shooting thing on the railway in Corel…which, is that a mini-game? I dunno. It was more forgettable than this entry, for sure).

Here’s the thing…as I reviewed screenshots of mini-games, I realized I didn’t hate Glide de Chocobo as much as I thought I did. It did teach me how to traverse Cosmo Canyon’s dizzying heights…but wow, it packs a punishing learning curve. Actually, yeah, it’s a pretty bird and all, but this game just isn’t fun. The chocobo isn’t able to actually power its own flight, so you’re basically falling in style while trying to hit gusts of air from fans to continually move through goals, each of which are numbered and count toward a score at the end.

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Glide de Chocobo inspires that very frustrating feeling of constantly falling just shy of a landing in a platformer. In Glide de Chocobo, it’s far too easy to lose altitude and you’ll find yourself grounded way too fast. It sucks all the enthusiasm from your life, making you feel miserable when you inevitably hit the ground.

Yes, it helps you learn how to navigate this region and the sights sure are real pretty up there. But I’d rather not play this game again. — Claire Jackson

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