MrBeast’s Amazon Game Show Makes History With $5 Million Prize

MrBeast, one of the most popular content creators in the world, will be producing and hosting one of the most lucrative game shows in history on Amazon Prime Video. Beast Games will feature a $5 million prize for the winner, which Amazon claims is the “biggest single prize” awarded in television history.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is a philanthropic YouTube creator and runs one of the biggest channels on the platform, with over 240 million subscribers. MrBeast became famous for his large giveaways and contests. His 2021 Squid Games-inspired series on YouTube currently sits at over 588 million views. This success has helped him grow his empire and he now sells terrible burgers (that are so bad he is suing the company behind them) and so-so candy bars that he personally forces overworked Walmart employees to restock. Truly, the Rockefeller of our generation. And now, Amazon is helping him make a game show.

Announced on March 18, MrBeast’s Beast Games will be a large-scale reality competition series on Amazon Prime Video, featuring 1,000 contestants competing for a single $5 million cash prize. Amazon says this is the biggest prize awarded in TV or streaming history, which seems accurate, though it is pennies compared to what Amazon is paying the popular creator. According to a January report, MrBeast is getting a $100 million paycheck for hosting and executive producing the series.

“MrBeast has captured the attention and imagination of fans of all ages, from all walks of life, and all over the world,” said Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon MGM Studios. “We are excited to work with Jimmy and his talented team to bring his brilliant, high production, and stakes-raising concepts to Beast Games for our global customers to experience.”

According to Amazon’s press release for the show, Beast Games will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and will be available in over 240 countries.

“My goal is to make the greatest show possible and prove YouTubers and creators can succeed on other platforms,” said MrBeast in the press release. “Amazon gave me the creative control I need to try and make it happen. I hope to make the YouTube community proud.”

No date was given for when the show will premiere or start filming. But once it is released, we will get to see if MrBeast’s personality and “charm” will translate to success beyond YouTube kids and teens, aka people who don’t have to pay to watch his content on their phones.


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