Rainbow Six Siege rockets back up the Steam charts 8 years after release, proving why Ubisoft isn’t worried about making a Siege 2

Ubisoft‘s quietly huge FPS continues to prove it’s not going anywhere. Boosted by a week of free access and a frankly ridiculous discount to $4, Rainbow Six Siege surpassed its all-time Steam concurrents record this weekend with a new high of 201,933.

Not bad for a live service shooter entering its ninth year, but especially surprising considering this is far from the first time Siege has been cheap and momentarily free. Ubisoft has held over a dozen free weekends (and a few whole weeks) on Steam over the years, typically timed around the release of a new season. This time is no different—Year 9 Season 1 began earlier this month with a new operator and balancing tweaks.

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By asm3a