Sony’s reportedly stopped making any more PS VR2 headsets until it can figure out a way of shifting a pile of unsold VR goggles

Sony’s virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation VR2, is a lovely device but it has a few drawbacks. It only works on that system, there’s not a huge amount of great VR games to play on it, and it’s as expensive as the base console. So with sales on the decline, Sony has put a temporary halt on production, to stop its warehouses from clogging up with unsold stock.

The report by Bloomberg making this claim, cites shipments figures from IDC as the main evidence for this, along with the ‘sources familiar with the plan.’ While Sony might not directly come out and say that this is what it’s doing, the number of PSVR2 units shipped per quarter pale in comparison to the number shifted by Meta. It’s current darling, the Quest 3, is equally pricey, but the Quest 2 is half the price of the PSVR2 and is an excellent budget VR headset.

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By asm3a