Astarion’s actor was deployed to replace the missing mocap of around 150 lines of Baldur’s Gate 3 dialogue: ‘I just had this dog’s breakfast’

Astarion is a stand-out performance in Baldur’s Gate 3—with his voice actor, Neil Newbon, earning several awards because of his stellar work. That’s not to say he outshines anyone (the game is filled with incredible performances) but in my mind, Astarion is special because of the sheer variety of emotion he portrays, which is as much a product of the game’s writing as it is Neil Newbon’s exceptional acting chops.

Turns out, Newbon also wore a lot of other, non-Astarion shaped hats during the production of Baldur’s Gate 3—not as a voice actor, but as a mocap artist. That’s per a talk given by Greg Lidstone at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024. 

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By asm3a